PhotoCard protects and preserves wallet-size memories for years and years. PhotoCard is a reminder of good times and great fun every time it's shown.

Create your own customized PhotoCard. You could start with a border . . .

Then use your company name, promotional message, design, logo, or corporate colors to create your image.

Every time your customer "shows off" their favorite photos, they advertise your company's logo or promotional message again and again.

Wallet-size PhotoCards are great for cropping, framing and protecting school photos, family photos, baby photos, fun photos, wedding photos, birthday photos, pet photos . . . Photos of every kind.
And what about the flip-side? We can print an additional customized promotional message, debit calling card, membership, ID, business address, or phone numbers on our special pre-printed PhotoCard ID Backer.

It's fun! Your own customized PhotoCard. Use it as a direct mail insert, sales incentive, in-pack bonus, on-pack premium, event giveaway, gift with purchase . . . It's your card.

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